About Us

Contec Group International Ltd (CGI) was established in 1974 in Christchurch, New Zealand as a technology-based systems company with two separate divisions in electronics and software. Due to the increasing demand for our software applications the organisation eventually decided to focus solely on developing total software solutions.

Contec produced the first version of Madcap in 1974 on request of the New Zealand Dairy Industry. Madcap I offered automated testing of milk with results collection and storage, collection data such as run and tanker number and distance travelled etc, manual data entry of quality results obtained from laboratory testing instruments, printing of “Supplier tickets” which were sent daily to farmers showing their milk testing results (fat, protein, lactose) and any quality results (Thermodurics, Leucocytes, Coliforms etc), and the creation of a file on paper tape of information to be sent to the New Zealand dairy Board’s Supplier payments system.

Since that time and as technology has advanced Madcap has been constantly redeveloped to keep pace with the fast moving Dairy Industry. Madcap is now in its 6th version. The success of Madcap is largely due to an exceptional group of staff who have been able to develop Madcap over many years with direct input from our valued customers throughout the Australasian Dairy Industry.

The Madcap (Milk Analysis, Data Capture and Processing) solution fast became Australasia’s industry standard Milk Supply Chain Management solution servicing nearly every major dairy product manufacturing company and independent Milk Laboratory in Australia and New Zealand. Madcap is currently used in production by dairy companies that cumulatively supply 40% of the tradable dairy products in the world market.


History with FOSS

Contec has been working with FOSS analysers since 1974. The early FOSS milk analysers had no facility for connection to a computer; however Contec designed and manufactured an interface unit which was connected directly to the FOSS unit’s electronics. Early implementation of the interface protocol used in the Foss 605 Milk Analyser was designed initially with input and testing from Contec in New Zealand. This protocol (CS83) is the current standard, with various additions, in use today.


Present and Future

Used throughout Australasia Madcap is now entering global markets and languages currently provided are English, Spanish and Chinese. Contec is proud to provide solutions for an industry that is of such worldwide importance.