Hosting / Cloud Services

Contec Group offers full hosting services for Madcap. We can host your Madcap applications on a dedicated server built to your databases specifications or within a VM Ware Cluster environment. Contec Group provides seamless secure access to your Madcap system. Some of the benefits of hosting Madcap with us…

  • Scheduled backups of your data moved to safe offsite locations.
  • Regular updates and upgrades of server hardware and operating systems.
  • Strong Antivirus and Anti-spyware protection.
  • Fast, reliable and secure access to your data through the cloud with dedicated always-up internet connections + redundant secondary internet connections.
  • On call IT support 24hrs a day.
  • Reliable, trusted server hardware.
  • Remote VPN access.
  • Web application / portal hosting.
  • Over 15 years hosting experience.