Open Country Dairy

"After 3 years of struggling with a milk system that was completely written from scratch to fully integrate to an existing ERP system, the decision was made to move on and to investigate the Contec Group milk system – Madcap.

The Contec team were sympathetic to our cause as they had seen this occur previously – they answered all our questions fully and I must say at times it was hard to believe Madcap could do all we wanted as we had experienced so many difficulties previously. However, demonstrations proved all our requirements and far more could be met. When you ask a question and the reply is "yes – we do that" – it really is difficult to see how but there has never been a time when it was not delivered.

We worked closely with a team from Contec to ready ourselves for the move and every team member took on what was required without hesitation and exceeded our expectations."

- Maree Goldie, Managing Director, Meg Consulting Limited, August 2012

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