SAITL Dairy Laboratory is a non-profit, independent laboratory operated by the South Auckland Independent Testing Society Ltd. SAITL’s primary role is to test milk samples taken from Dairy Farmers by Dairy companies, the results of which are used to calculate the payment to farmers. SAITL has been in operation since 1984 and currently tests 97% of New Zealand’s dairy farm supplier samples. SAITL’s member companies include Fonterra and Tatua, but we also test most of the other Dairy company raw milk samples in New Zealand. In addition to supplier payment testing the laboratory performs a range of chemical and microbiological raw milk testing for the member companies, non-member dairy companies and other dairy industry and service groups. See our website for more information www.saitl.co.nz.

- Gavin Scott, Project & System Manager, SAITL Dairy Laboratory, October 2010

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